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    "The difference between the right word and almost the right word is the difference between lightning... and the lightning bug.”   Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)

    "Clear, Crisp and Compelling...
    High Impact Copy Delivered On
    Time, On Target and On Budget!"

    In Today's Economy, You Can't
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        "I have to put it to you bluntly: Your work is some of the finest, most brilliantly crafted copy I’ve come across!"

        Gerry O'Donovan - President, Versacchi Ltd.


    Jack & Margret Copywriters     FROM: Jack James, Margret Kuss

        High Impact Copy - WEB Copywriters
        Palm Beach, Sunny Florida

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    Dear Entrepreneur,

    The right words in the right places can spell success. The wrong words can well mean rejection and failure.

    How often do you come across a website, ad or promotion, and realize they have all the persuasive oomph of a yapping poodle?

    The copy on your website has to perform, or your product or service isn’t going to sell. It’s as simple and straightforward as that.

    If you're like so many other web entrepreneurs today, you've done everything you can think of to increase sales, but time after time the only thing you get for your efforts is a big, fat zilch.

    Especially now, in today's frankly depressing and iffy economic climate, even sites that were once holding their own are taking a huge hit in sales. What may have worked OK just a short time ago is now flatlining.

    You could have possibly gotten away with less than stellar copywriting in the boom times, but it's a whole new ballgame now.

    All sales oriented websites have one overriding goal – converting visitors into customers. The process may be immediate – read the sales message and accept the offer, or as in the case of business to business (B2B) websites, it may be literally months before the final buying decision is made.

    But in each case, your website MUST first capture the prospects interest.

    And what’s more, studies show you have only a ridiculously short window of opportunity to do just that.

    So close your door, put the phone on mute, and lets see how it's done...

    Video blocked or not appearing? Here's the direct link: Testimonial Video
    When done, just hit the backspace on your keyboard to return to the main site.
    (Note: It may take a couple of seconds for the 12 MB video to load.)

    Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick… Ciao!

    Copywriter Rule of Thumb: If you can’t grab someone’s attention within 5 seconds – you probably never will.

    Meaning: The more non-productive motivational sales content you have right from the get go, the less interest your site will generate.

    It’s get ‘em at hello – or say goodbye.

    Easy to say, but this begs the question: How do you make sure your web visitor isn’t going to bail out before you can make your presentation? Is there a specific process to follow, a blueprint for creating interest?

    The answer is yes!

    There are specific elements most any website must have in order to be successful. Each one is important, but here’s the thing: Some are far more essential that others.

    Let’s take a closer look…


    Copywriter Rule of Thumb: 80% of your eventual sales and conversions will come as a direct or indirect result of your headline.

    This is the “make it or break it point” for most any website.


    Because 80% of your viewers will decide to read further or click off on the strength of your headline.

    Poor Headline = Poor Results. No Headline = Very Poor Results.

    If there is any one thing you absolutely must hone to a razor sharp edge it’s your headline. In fact, the most successful copywriters can spend days on this single element alone. They know if the headline is great, the site at least has a fighting chance. If the headline is weak and ineffective, the battle may well be lost even before those critical 5 seconds have elapsed.

    Here’s a Tip: Are you using the “Welcome to our Website” tagline? If so, know this: This is one of the most overused and under performing headlines on the web. It’s basically useless.

    Want a super quick copywriting crash course on effective headlines? No problem: Headlines Crash Course

    Copywriting for the Web Is Different!

    Yes, Gentle Reader - Copywriting for the Web Is Different..

    Writing for the Web

    The Web is not a paper media, or a print media, or a glorified TV. It's separate - with rules of the road all it's own.

    If you don't know and obey those rules, then you're just wasting your money.

    How Is Web Copywriting Different?

    There are actually several big differences with web copywriting.

    Reading is More Difficult.

    Reading Web content is a lot more strenuous. You may not think so, but it takes about 25% more energy when you read something off your computer screen than if you have it on a piece of paper.

    The Web is a Level Playing Field.

    A big company can afford to create stunning color brochures and fancy presentation materials - in the hundreds of thousands or even millions if necessary. You probably can't even come close.

    However - the Web is a great equalizer. Almost everyone views the Web from a monitor - and that usually means a 17" wide window. So Walmart and the corner general store have the same playing field.

    The only difference is in the presentation.

    Skimming Along

    There you are… you’ve invested a good chunk of change or a busload of hours developing your sales copy. Don’t think your prospect is going to immediately start digesting the entire message. They won’t.

    When a person reads a website – they scan (skim read) it first for tidbits of information. Based upon what they can glean from a quick overview – they’ll decide whether or not it’s worth their time and trouble to read further.

    If they can’t easily skim your copy – they won’t. Which means…. CLICK!

    The sound of their mouse offering condolences at leaving the party early.

    Does the copywriting in your website make these common mistakes?

    Web Copywriting ExpertsParagraphs that are overly long?
    CopywritersSentences that run together in an unending train of thought?
    CopywritersBlocks of text that look like assembly directions for an aircraft carrier?

    If so, your viewer won’t bother to read what you have to say.

    The Copywriter Rules of Thumb for effective copy length are these:

    CopywritersParagraphs: 5 lines each are optimal.
    CopywritersSentences: No more than 12 non-punctuated words should be strung together.
    CopywritersAdditionally, use subheads to break the paragraphs up into smaller, more digestible chunks of information.

    Here's a Suggestion: Take a look at some of the large corporate websites. Try and read their online copy or sales copywriting message. Some will make your eyes glaze over and have you wondering what in the heck they're trying to say! Many will have their company name repeated a dozen times in a couple of paragraphs. Hey! You know where you landed - you don't need to be reminded every other sentence!

    Reading The Sales Message
    is Different as Well!

    Web Copy Pointers

    Copywriters know, when someone reads a direct mail letter, they look at the headline, then skip to the Signature and PS.

    The Web is different!

    When a person gets to your site the sequence goes like this:

      • They first scan the UPPER LEFT side of the screen.
      • Then they move RIGHT to the CENTER.
      • Then LEFT again, from the center to the edge of the screen.
      • After this initial sortie, the eye will be peripherally scanning SCREEN RIGHT - as if looking for something interesting!
      • The LAST place looked at is the SCREEN BOTTOM.

    Web copywriters take this into account. For example, if you put important information at the end or bottom of the screen, you're just burying your copy where fewer people will notice.

    However - there are exceptions! (Don't you just love exceptions?)

    Selling a single product? Then the copywriter rules of the road take a slightly different turn. The one page "supersite" may well be your best bet.

    What's that you ask? Simple. It's where all the main selling points are on one page. (Other copywriters call it a "mini-site" - but that's a misnomer in my book.)

    Who Is Your Avatar?

    Your message must be laser targeted to an individual. This is called the Avatar Method (made popular by Howie Jacobson, of “AdWords for Dummies” fame.)

    Basically you envision the unique individual you are trying to capture, and write the copy specifically to that person. That way, you not only get that demographic group of highly motivated and interested prospects, but the immediate peripheral group around them as well.

    The others? Forget ‘em. They’ll never be a viable interest group, so the quicker you weed them out, the better your site will perform.

    The Copy Message
    Features vs. Benefits

    Website Copywriters

    Here’s another all too common copywriting mistake: Telling your prospects what you do (Features) – but not what that will do for them (Benefits).

    Your copywriting should be addressing one thing right from the onset – it’s what I call The Prime Directive: “What’s in it for the viewer?”

    How will your service or product solve their problem? Save them money? Meet their needs?

    If you’re not answering those questions quickly, clearly and concisely – you’re just spinning your wheels.

    Web Copywriting ExpertsWhat makes you stand out from the crowd?
    Web Copywriting ExpertsWhat makes you unique?
    Web Copywriting ExpertsWhat do you do better (cheaper, quality-wise, faster, and so on) that the competition doesn’t?

    If most of content & copywriting is devoted to talking about yourself, you’ve violated the Prime Directive mentioned above… and your sales will suffer for it.

    Next, if you feel the need to put your company name in every other sentence, get over it fast! It makes your copywriting boring. And boring equals bad. (You can't believe how many so-called "expert" copywriters use the same tired phrases over and over again. Sometimes it looks like a race to see who can make the prospect yawn first!)

    Use the "second person ( YOU ) viewpoint" when writing. This means nix on the first person ( "I" ) perspective. Same with using the third ("they") person perspective.

    And please!! Write to your audience! Use the lingo your visitors normally use. For example, if you're selling sports shoes to teenagers don't go into how the darn things are made. Your audience couldn't care less. The shoes aren't "fine quality" they're "rad." They aren't "great bargains" they're "awesome buys."

    Special Copywriting Tip: How do you find the latest lingo on a budget? Go to the appropriate chat rooms or blogs and just read! Find out what people are writing and how they are writing. Then use it!

    Easy To Read, Easy To Understand!

    Great Web Copywriting & Copy Writers

    OK - here are some more copywriting tips that'll cull the heifers from the herd.

    Text is more important than graphics. Believe me, its true. Graphics are fine as supporting cast. But never make the mistake of using them as lead actors.

    Font. Use either tahoma or Verdana. These are easiest on the eyes. Calibri or Tahoma can also be used successfully. However – steer away from Times New Roman which is usually the default font on many systems.

    Clutter. Don't be afraid of white space! Some sites are so cluttered it's the same as trying to listen to a dozen hard rock stations at the same time.

    3 Click Rule. Anything your customer wants should be no more than three clicks away. More and your customer will get frustrated. And frustration equals a lost opportunity.

    Here’s another copywriter rule of thumb for writing a strong, compelling sales message:

    Good copywriting falls between a grade level of 6 and 8. This is not because you are trying to talk down to your audience, but because at these levels comprehension is highest.

    Does your copywriting sound like a post graduate textbook? You’ll only be impressing yourself.

    Another Tip: And yes - I'm going to shout this one.


    Web Copywriter

    What does this mean? I've been to sites that require you to register before you buy! What the heck were they thinking! Listen - what would you do if you went to your local bookstore and before you could checkout, you had to give someone your name, address and phone number? You'd say a few choice words and leave - without spending your cash!

    Then why in whatever one holds holy would an e-commerce site require a potential customer to type in their name, e-mail address and a password even before they get to the check out? That's simply insane. Yes - everyone knows that they'll have to enter information when they're ready to buy. BUT NOT BEFORE!

    The same thing goes for pre-registration screens. You know - the "before you can enter our site we require a few short items of information" website.

    Few things will kill off more potential visitors to your website than having that idiotic greeting.

    If you have them - lose them.

    Drop us a line now at: 1 (561) 594 8489  or...

    Try our Quick and Easy Response Form for your Free Website & Copywriting Evaluation.

    And yes - when we say Free, we mean it! (Like in No Charge. Gratis. No Tips Allowed).

    Free Evaluation!


    Web Content Copywriter ONE

    What's the best tip about writing web (or any business) online sales copy? Simple - it's YOU.

    Huh - you say? YOU? Yep. It's YOU. (Repeated here three times just to make sure you get the point.)

    If your online content doesn't appeal to the person reading it by using the word YOU as often as possible - then forget about sending it out.

    People are interested in mainly one thing: themselves. They don't give a hoot about how your life is going, how your business needs cash, or how your service will save the world. Unless your copywriting can show them how those things affect their life, their business or their health - then you've just wasted your time and theirs.

    Too many websites and web copywriters take the stance that the reader wants to know all about your company and your products. They don't. They couldn't care less. Unless you are willing to address their needs and solve their problems first, don't bother to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.

    PageSmith Great Copywriters TWO

    You want another copywriting tip? Write as if you are sitting across the table from your reader. As if you were just talking to him (or her) on a one to one personal basis. This means forget about the William Buckley school of thought, which assumes most of us really want to hear obscure ten dollar words a college professor couldn't decode.

    You don't talk that way. You don't want someone talking to you that way. So don't use it in your copywriting!

    High Impact Copy Writing THREE

    Don't Re-Use.

    Don't make the mistake of taking your existing brochures and advertising text, converting them to HTML and posting them on your site. You may think you've done a good job, but you haven't.

    Your site will look and smell stale. If you can't find the time to create unique website sales content & copywriting - hire a professional copywriter who can. Or stay out of the game.


    Sure we have them! Here's the link:  Show Me The Accolades

    You may be wondering why I haven't placed these copywriting testimonials on the landing page, as I would normally suggest to my clients. Here's the reason:


    You see, a while back this 800 lb. gorilla of the online advertising world suspended my Google Adwords campaign.


    One major reason were my testimonials. They were, according to Google, "too effusive" - and web visitors might get a wrong idea of how valuable or successful my copywriting services could be. So I was told to take 'em off the landing page. They just would not listen to anything I had to say - it was their way or the highway.

    Hence, the testimonials to my copywriting expertise are now on a separate page. So now you know the madness behind this copywriter's method.


    Results… Results… Results…

    OK… so what can you expect to achieve by using a professional copywriter?

    First off, contrary to what you may have read in other places, a copywriter cannot guarantee specific results. Here are the reasons:

    No one can control how you are currently advertising or selling your product or service. If no one knows you or your website exists, copywriting won’t help you much.

    If you have a poor business model, while great copy may increase your visitors and your conversions, once the word gets out you can’t perform as promised, you’ll be toast. (It’s a well known maxim that the fastest way to kill a bad product is by using great advertising!)

    Are there any risks involved in using a professional copywriter?

    Sure there are. The copy may fail to meet your expectations. The campaign may not be as successful as you hoped for. The copy may be great, but if at the same time dozens (or even hundreds) of competitors jump into the game – your results will likewise be watered down.

    That’s why I offer my no hassle guarantee. If my copy doesn’t improve your conversions, I redo the entire project on my dime – no additional cost to you.

    (Please see the entire "No Buyer's Remorse Guarantee" below.)

    There are literally dozens of other "tips of the trade" that will improve your copywriting efforts. (Like making sure you're using the right word! I've actually seen copywriters misspell their own profession - calling themselves "copyrighters." OUCH!)

    If you start right now and read all you can about effective online sales content, invest hundreds of hours in writing and re-writing web copy of all sorts and natures, take course work that deals specifically with with internet writing - you'll get to know most of them!

    Or you can use us and put your time to better use.

    Give us a holler at: 1 561 594 8489   or try our   Quick and Easy Response Form.

    And don't forget your Free Website & Web Copywriting Evaluation! Just fill out our quick form.

    Deconstructing Some Awful Copy



      "Masters of Disaster"

      (That's Copywriting Disasters)

      While once researching the competition, I found this wonderful ditty on the web. It's taken right off the main web page of a company that positions itself as a full service creative marketing agency. Of course I changed their name to protect the guilty.

      Let's have some fun ....


      "Marketing driven by strategic thinking, precision targeting and response building creativity... plus, performance enhanced through process efficiency, campaign management tools, and cost saving quality initiatives — XYZ Corporation impacts our clients' marketing success from both the topline and the bottomline."

      "As a multi channel agency, XYZ Corporation plans, executes, and integrates successful response marketing programs. And as accomplished business and process consultants, we utilize a "best practices" methodology to enhance marketing services and operations for our clients. The results: an integrated and holistic marketing approach delivering maximum marketing ROI."


      OK - what the heck did they just say?

      Quick! What does this company offer and why should you part with your hard earned cash by hiring them?

      Bet you don't know.

      Because after reading it three times - I sure as Hades don't know how they're going to make my cash register ring.

      Why in the name of whatever deity one holds holy would a company that touts their copywriting and advertising expertise put this as lead copy on their website?

      Just whom are they trying to impress? It sure as shootin' ain't the prospective client. (Yes – I could be using more flowery language – but this site is rated PG!)

      Let's imagine you're in the market for an agency to do your copywriting and perhaps even your entire advertising campaign. You find this site on the web and take a look.

      From what you just read, what would inspire you to hire them to do the job?

      The simple answer is... Nothing. Zilch. Nada.

      If a "creative marketing" company can't even grab your interest on their main web page, why would you even consider using them to create copy for your business?

      Let's take this point by point.

      Marketing driven by strategic thinking, precision targeting and response building creativity.

      Huh? This is what you'd expect to see in some second rate college textbook for a course labeled Marketing 101. It says nothing and means less.

      What they're trying to say is that once they get your business, their team will sit down, come up with a plan, figure out the best outlets to advertise your product or service, and then develop a creative marketing plan to meet your goals and expectations., performance enhanced through process efficiency, campaign management tools, and cost saving quality initiatives.

      This is even more obscure. What is "process efficiency?" What "campaign management tools" will be used? And what in thunder is a "cost-saving quality initiative?" Firing your lazy son-in-law?

      Do you know one whit more after reading these few sentences on how they're going to help you meet the payroll and retire rich? Nope - you sure don't.

      Let's plod through some more copy.

      XYZ Corporation impacts our clients' marketing success from both the topline and the bottomline.

      Really ! They'll impact your success from the "topline to the bottom line!" What exactly is a "topline?" And will the impact on the bottom line success be good or bad? Who knows - they don't say.

      As a multi channel agency, XYZ Corporation plans, executes, and integrates successful response marketing programs.

      That's nice, you think. Multi Channel? Are they in cahoots with cable TV? How will that help you? And thanks for telling us that you're successful. We could never tell by your copy.

      And as accomplished business and process consultants, we utilize a "best practices" methodology to enhance marketing services and operations for our clients.

      It's said that a donkey loves to hear itself bray. XYZ must own that particular donkey. First they pat themselves on the back - then proceed to tell you about a "best practices" methodology which means diddly-squat to anyone but them.

      The results: an integrated and holistic marketing approach delivering maximum marketing ROI.

      Shoot this horse already! An "integrated and holistic approach" indeed.

      Are we talking about selling products or services - or a commune of diverse ethnic nationalities devouring organic mangoes?

      Their approach will somehow deliver a "maximum marketing ROI."

      Excuse me, but does that mean "bring in the bucks?" If so - say so!

      Eight lines. That's what the original copywriting  had. (The original used a smaller font.)

      Eight lines of puff... puff laced with twenty-five dollar words.


    Where’s the Beef?

    If you’ve ever seen or heard about the classic Wendy’s Hamburger commercial, then you’ll know what I mean. If not… here’s the story:

    An elderly lady walks into a fast food joint and orders a burger. When it comes, she takes a scowling look at the insignificant patty between the buns and loudly proclaims:

    “Where’s the Beef!”

    You must have enough powerful sales copywriting to get your prospect off their duff and onto your ordering page.

    What’s there to excite your web visitor? There are literally hundreds if not thousands of sites similar to yours. If your copy doesn’t grab ‘em by the attention lapels and have them think “HEY! This is what I’ve been looking for” then you’re just another voice in a very large and noisy crowd.


    The Exclamation (!!!) Factor

    I see this a lot, websites using multiple exclamation points (!!!) in their copywriting for added emphasis.

    Here’s what’s wrong with this technique:

    It doesn’t make you look more credible, but less. Multiple exclamation points are the hallmarks of SPAM and online come-ons. They’re the “carnival barkers” of punctuation.

    Use exclamation points sparingly in your copywriting.

    The paradox is this: When everything calls attention to itself, nothing stands out.



    Ah … top ranked organic searches. The holy grail of every website entrepreneur.

    YEP! You probably have a bunch of keywords packed into your meta tags and Google AdWord Pay Per Click advertisements.

    But take heed, there's method to this SEO madness! Are you willy-nilly throwing in website copywriting keywords without thought as to how they make your online sales message sound and flow?

    Simply sprinkling in keywords is foolish - and counter productive. Yes - you may get a slight boost in the rankings. But if your web content sounds stilted and contrived, you'll lose more business than you'll gain.

    The trick is to weave your web words seamlessly into compelling online copywriting. Sort of like we're doing here - right on this site.

    Some SEO Pointers:

      Copywriter for the web Don’t Overload The Keywords. About a 5% density is optimal. Out of 100 words, insert your keywords about 5 times. Much more than this, and you may actually get penalized!

      Copywriting Experts Position Counts. For whatever rhyme or reason unbeknownst to us mere mortals, it seems if you place a higher density of keywords at the beginning and the end of your sales message, your SEO rankings will improve slightly.

      Copy writers Headlines. If possible, place one of your keywords in your headline.

      Web Copy Writers Tagging the Keywords. Try bolding some of your keywords.

      Web Copyriters Changing the Form. This simply means if you are using a keyword, such as copywriting, sprinkle in various forms of that word as well – such as copywriter, writing copy and copy writing.

      Web Copyrighters Don't Forget those ALT Tags! Whenever you have images on your site, there's a place in the code format to insert text, so that when the mouse goes over the image, a description will appear. A really nifty place for a keyword, don't you think?

      HINT: By placing common misspellings for your keywords in the ALT tags, you won't make your sales message or your copywritng look sloppy!

    Call To Action

    Here is where an incredible number of websites fall down on the job. They fail to make it crystal clear what the next step for their prospect to take should be - and why the prospect should be taking it.

    If you leave that up for your web visitor to figure out, they’ll more than likely do what you asked:


    Even if you have options, make certain there’s an incentive to click them on!

    Site Formatting

    While content is king, presentation is important as well.

    A genius in beggar’s rags won’t get hired.

    It’s the little, often overlooked items that can make or break a sale. If your website looks and has multiple minor errors, a prospect may wonder (perhaps even subconsciously) if that is going to be reflected in the quality of the product or service performed.

    In all honesty, if your site looks like it was slapped together by a committee of DMV bureaucrats the Friday before a 3 day weekend, you’re frankly flushing sales down the drain.


    Slow & Steady Wins The Race!

    Here’s a fact most people don’t want to face: You’re not, in all probability, going to have an instant success with your product or service. I’ve spoken to dozens upon dozens of fledgling web entrepreneurs who think all they need is an idea and a website and the world will be beating a path to their door.

    Nope – those hounds don’t hunt.

    The days of “build it and they will come” are long gone when it comes to the internet. You can have the most advanced site design imaginable, and copywriting that can make angels sing and imps cry, but if you don’t advertise… you’re not going to succeed.

    Great copywriting is imperative, but no one is going to read it if they don’t know your site exists!


    There's No Such Animal As…
    “Get Rich Quick!”

    You’ve seen the sites and read the emails… “grab this opportunity today… a turn-key operation… we do all the work, you cash the checks!”

    C’mon. Wake up and smell the fresh air. Why in the world would anyone in their right mind give you the proverbial keys to the kingdom when they could be keeping all the profits themselves? The short answer is they wouldn’t.

    Here’s the sad, sorry fact: Out of 100 people who buy into a “turnkey” internet business, 98 won’t ever see a dime’s worth of profit. One will break even, and the other may see a modest return on their investment.

    Any business takes work and dedication. Yes, there are a host of internet tools that can make life much, much easier for you. But if you’re not willing to put in the time and sweat and effort to make your venture succeed, don’t bother starting. You’ll only be setting yourself up for failure.

    You must have great copywriting, but even that won’t magically make money appear. Anyone telling you differently is simply giving you hogwash.

    Here's a Get Rich Quick Spoof on my site you'll find both entertaining and informative. (Make sure you read it to the end!)


    B2B - Business to Business Sales

    B2B - or Business to Business Sales - takes a different approach than the usual B2C or Business to Consumer copywriting. In fact, I've come up with 11 separate items anyone trying to sell to the B2B market should be aware of.

    If your main concern or interest is selling to other business ventures, then just click here:

    B2B Copywriting Guidelines

    You 'll get the "Full Monty" on my insights and the specifics of copywriting directly to business entities.

    Sending off promotional emails? Then be sure to read our 14 RULES of THUMB for Effective Email Marketing.


    Press Releases

    Press Releases - if you're in business you must know how to write an effective Press Release!

    And yes, Virgil and Virginia, there are rules here to follow as well.

    If your boss just told you to get out a Press Release pronto, then click below to find out how it's done:

    Press Release Copywriting Tips


    How Much Will Great
    Copywriting Cost?

    "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."

    Awesome Web Copy WritersGood Question! You didn't think that the services of an ace copywriter came gratis - did you?

    It all depends upon the content complexity. Just give us a call! We'll be glad to give you a no-obligation quote.

    But you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable top-notch copywriting can be!

    However Be Forewarned! Not every project will make it into the accepted category.

    I'm going to be quite frank here: Some products and services just aren't going to sell - no matter how great the copy or the copywriter are.

    Other websites are just plain scams, like Chain Letter or Pyramid schemes. Other products may be fine, but the cost to effectively advertise them will doom any but the most highly funded enterprises.

    And yes, I'll let you know if what you have just doesn't cut the mustard!

    Here's our phone number: 1 (561) 594 8489

    Our e-mail address:

    Or simply use our handy-dandy Quick and Easy Response Form.


    The rates we quote do include our input on your actual web site construction. What does this mean?

    As we noted above there's a lot of lousy sites out there, and the owners haven't a clue that:

      A: Their site (and their copywriting) is bad news on the hoof, and

      B: Why they aren't getting the revenues they expected.

    We'll let you know what you can do to improve your site.

    Just in case you are wondering - all the copy we do is written by us. We NEVER, EVER hand off any work to a third party. When you hire us, you hire us - not some unknown entity.

    When Should You Hire A Copywriter?


    OK – the $64,000 question is this: When should you consider hiring a copywriter?

    1)   If your native tongue isn’t English, but you’re trying to sell in the USA or other English speaking countries, then hiring an English-speaking copywriter is essential.  You may think your English is top notch, but believe me… the odds are whatever you write is going to sound stilted and off. The nuances of the English language are complex – and a good copywriter uses those nuances to their fullest advantage.

    2)       If you’re versed in writing technical journals, don’t assume you’ll make a good sales copywriter. Here’s the fact of the matter: Most people who write technical stuff can’t break out of that mindset. As a copywriter they bomb out, because they fail to realize they’re trying to reach people, not teach people.

    3)       If you find it difficult putting your thoughts into a coherent sentence, hire a copywriter. You may excel at designing & writing wonderful software code, but utterly fail when it comes to being an effective copywriter.

    4)       Brain freeze is yet another time to consider hiring a professional copywriter. There are mounds of people who have great ideas, but the moment it comes to putting those thoughts in black and white – their mind draws a blank.

    5)       Hire a copywriter when the copy you have smells like a rotting mackerel. How can you tell? If sales are lousy, and your product is good, then it may very well be how it’s being presented to the world.

    6)       When your time is valuable, a copywriter can take over – letting you concentrate on what you do best. (Making money!)

    7)       If creativity isn’t your strong point, by all means leave the writing to a copywriter. For instance, what would you choose to buy:

    “For a dazzling white teeth and a smile you’ll be proud to show, there’s nothing better than SparkelGel!”

    SparkelGel brightens teeth, giving you a great smile.”

    (Hard question, huh?)

    8)       If you need fresh eyes for tired copy, then hire a copywriter. Even once great copy can go stale. The world changes… it may well be your message has to change along with it.

    9)       If your entire experience in writing lies with text messaging and emails, consider using a copywriter. Believe it or not, IMO most people still want to read fully constructed thoughts, not a jumble of 21st century acronyms.(LOL)

    10)     If you simply hate writing, then hiring a copywriter is a no-brainer. Your emotion – or lack thereof – will come through anything you write. If the copy you write sounds like a forced confession, let a pro do the heavy lifting.

    So… there you are, ten good, solid reasons to hire a professional copywriter. Great copywriters love what they do. Sure, not every piece they write will be a winner. Even legendary copywriters admit they if they hit a 50% success rate, they’re doing fantastic.

    (And quite conveniently, I happen to know one helluva copywriter who’ll be glad to help you out!)



    (A $200 Value!)

    Just Click Here!

    YEP! And I'm not joking about the value either. It can take over an hour and a half to properly review a website's main page copywriting alone. But now's your chance to grab a professional, practical copywriting & page layout review at no charge... going through your main page and letting you know what you're doing right - and what you're doing wrong.

    But remember... we'll call 'em as we see 'em. If your site is great - we'll say so. But if it's just plain lousy, and your copywriting just doesn’t cut the mustard - we'll let you know - LOUD & CLEAR!


Dear Jack,

"Thank you for your copywriting & site evaluation. We are currently implementing the changes you have suggested and I am already seeing improvements."

Francis L., England

Results noted in this testimonial apply only to the individual making them. There are numerous factors affecting profitability, copywriting among them. Your results may differ.


copywriting guarantee


If our copywriting doesn't beat what you're already using - if our copywriting doesn't improve your bottom line over what you're now getting - then we'll redo the entire project.

And it won't cost you one red cent more.

There are only three caveats:

    1: You have to advertise! If no one knows about your website - then the best copy in the world written by the most expert of copywriters simply won't get read.

    2: You must keep the copywriting content intact as accepted and written. Don't laugh... I've had clients who changed the headlines and opening paragraphs before the site went live (and without telling me) and then wondered why their conversions were punk!

    3: Please... let us know within three months of your project's completion.

You should expect the best from your copywriter - and that's exactly what you'll get.

If that's not fair - then I don't know what is.

You have my word on it.

Jack James Professional Copywriter
Jack James
Freelance Copywriter Extraordinaire... and Chief Coffee Maker!

1 (561) 594 8489

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